Once upon a time, there were three sisters.

They had a deep disire in their hearts. So they begun to search for their passion. They climbed on high mountains, they went through green valleys and through hot deserts. They visit dark cities. But they also came to places, where they felt home, because the people there celebrated their life, the love and the peace. But even if they had a good feeling at a place, their call for their passion became loud after a short time.

And so they went on walking until they saw an ocean in a long distance. Finally they arrived at a beach, a warm feeling of home was immediately spreading in their hearts. This feeling was quite similar to the one in the yard (gaard), they had always played in their childhood. They realized fast that big blue were their passion. Their search came to an end and they went into their element.

And from now on whenever a sailor or a fisherman encountered the three impetuous sister on the high seas, a tear of joy and fear runs down his cheeks.

maregaard - the ocean is our calling